The interdisciplinary world of tangling

12th – 18th September 2022
University of Potsdam

This week–long conference will bring together scientists from various backgrounds who spend a reasonable amount of time thinking about tangles, tubes, knots, filaments, fibers and other entangled structures, from the perspective of physics, material science, mathematics, chemistry or biology. 

Tangling is a key structural motif of a multitude of natural systems, from molecules to polymers, and has a distinctive relationship to functionality. Understanding tangling itself and the role that it plays in material properties is a complicated web of different disciplines and perspectives, and we hope to create a deep scientific exchange on this topic. 

Have we piqued your interest? Come along to the conference and hear a range of perspectives on the rich topic of tangling. 

Abstracts for contributed talks and poster presentations can be submitted here by 27th May 2022. 

Please register here by 5th August 2022.